NEOWISE COMET - July 2020 The Neowise comet from the ELIOSOFT headquarter [July 2020].
Seismic (microtremor) data & industrial components: spectrogram animation of the Z, R & T components The video animation shows the frequency "drifting" observed during a controlled-source experiment done with the aim of highlighting industrial components in the Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral Ratio (HVSR).
For a full description of the experiment and outcomes, please see the following paper:
winMASW® Academy 2020 - video animation (time lapse) for multi-channel microtremor data [ESAC panel] This video shows the amplitude spectra (as a function of time) for a multi-channel passive data (L-shaped array) used for the ESAC [Extended Spatial AutoCorrelation].
Data are then processed in order to extract the effective dispersion curve (in this case ...
HVSR: time lapse animation in winMASW and HoliSurface [] Are you sure you know everything about HVSR? Please, comment what you see in the video and/or ask anything you'd like to be clarified.
Torsional mode of a dining table identified via GHM (Gaussian-filtered Horizontal Motion) analysis Here a suggested way to invest some of you time to get familiar with the GHM (Gaussian-filtered Horizontal Motion) method.
Such a method allows you to identify the eigenmodes of a structure (a tall building or the dining table in ...

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