winMASW, HoliSurface, ELIOVSP & HS-QC: the 2021 releases Are you getting ready for winMASW, HoliSurface, ELIOVSP & HS-QC 2021 releases?
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NEOWISE COMET - July 2020 The Neowise comet from the ELIOSOFT headquarter [July 2020].
Seismic (microtremor) data & industrial components: spectrogram animation of the Z, R & T components The video animation shows the frequency "drifting" observed during a controlled-source experiment done with the aim of highlighting industrial components in the Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral Ratio (HVSR).
For a full description of the experiment and outcomes, please see the following paper:
winMASW® Academy 2020 - video animation (time lapse) for multi-channel microtremor data [ESAC panel] This video shows the amplitude spectra (as a function of time) for a multi-channel passive data (L-shaped array) used for the ESAC [Extended Spatial AutoCorrelation].
Data are then processed in order to extract the effective dispersion curve (in this case ...
HVSR: time lapse animation in winMASW and HoliSurface [] Are you sure you know everything about HVSR? Please, comment what you see in the video and/or ask anything you'd like to be clarified.
Torsional mode of a dining table identified via GHM (Gaussian-filtered Horizontal Motion) analysis Here a suggested way to invest some of you time to get familiar with the GHM (Gaussian-filtered Horizontal Motion) method.
Such a method allows you to identify the eigenmodes of a structure (a tall building or the dining table in ...
HVSR @ Point A - time lapse in the 17-25 Hz frequency range This video animation is described in the paper "On the Identification of Industrial Components in the Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral Ratio
(HVSR) from Microtremors" - GIANCARLO DAL MORO, Pure and Applied Geophysics (February 2020)
Keywords: Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral Ratio (HVSR),
resonance frequency, passive ...
HoliSurface: the DTM [digital terrain model ] tool to improve your reports A simple animation obtained with the DTM [Digital Terrain Model] tool in the HoliSurface application software (
Use it to obtain snapshots and video animation to improve your reports.
#HoliSurface #winMASW #MASW #HVSR #Vs30 #ESAC #ReMi #RayleighWaves #LoveWaves
Time lapse animation of the HVSR [central Europe site] In the video you can see the amplitude spectra of the three components (vertical, NS and EW), the single HVSR curves (as the time goes by) and the updated mean HVSR curve. Also shown the coherence functions.
See "On the ...
Introduction to the HoliSurface acquisition In this video we show the very simple acquisition of HS (and HVSR) data.
This is a methodology that "substitute" (and improve) the standard (and problematic) MASW technique.
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